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Can you festival?

On the map of Finland, the Pirkanmaa region is the pocket on the Finnish maid’s dress. In this pocket, you will find a treasury of festivals: poetry, music, art, playfulness and natural beauty. Summertime by the lake or hot spices in the city – it is all there for you to choose from. And in the autumn, when the evenings get dark, it is time to get indoors, get together and just enjoy.

Scan Magazine 2014, Pirkanmaa Festivals

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Finnish creative Centenarians are having a ball

The Moomins are the creations of the multitalented Finnish artist Tove Jansson (1914-2001), one of the best-known Finnish artists in the world.

This year sees Tove Jansson’s 100th birthday, as well as another big anniversary, being celebrated with seminars, concerts, happenings, and children’s events.

Scan Magazine UK 2014, Tove Jansson and Finnish Animation 100 Years

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Health care for the mobile

Have you ever had your patient records printed or handwritten on different paper pads in order to summarize your medical history for a doctor who does not know you nor has access to your files?

Scan Magazine UK 2014, Health Care for the Mobile